A place that brings us together with our loved ones.

Upcoming opening - Ognyanovo village


Ognyanovo is located in the Western Rhodopes and has attracted people since ancient times - a favorite destination for fans of spa tourism, winter sports, off-road, mountain trekking and many others. There are mineral water pools, the ancient Roman town of Nicopolis ad Nestum, sports grounds, eco-trails... and restaurants with delicious local food. A magical place!

In the village - remember to live!


A fabulous place for rest and inspiration! A place to share time with loved ones in an atmosphere with their own style and coziness. Time for conversations in front of the fireplace, time to play cards and backgammon, time to prepare delicious food and sun on the grass next to the well. Here you can meet the sunrises and admire the sunsets with charming views of the mountains. The village can also be your office. Time for concentration and time to focus on important things in harmony with nature. Everyone loves our house and garden, and the children love it – the freedom of the village.



Restaurant Kaimakanovata kashta  - 1 min.
Medieval Temple "St. Petka" – 2 min.
Horseback riding – 3 min.
Belchin Park Mineral Pool – 3 min.
Belchin Bani Mineral Pool - 4 min.
Tsari Mali grad – 4 min.
Belchin Airport LBBB – 7 min.
Historical Museum in Samokov – 10 min.
Geyser in Sapareva Banya – 15 min.
Borovets Ski Resort – 20 min.
Extreme Sport – Iskar Dam – 25 min.
Panichishte (Seven Rila Lakes) – 35 min.
Malyovitsa ski – 40 min.
Yastrebets Hut (Musala) – 45 min.